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Freder Film School

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The school of film was created with the idea of connection. Located in Downtown Los Angeles the music and theater area. The site connects the Music Center, Red Cad and Disney Concert Hall through a spiral view that allows the visitor to feel connected to the city as they walk through the space. The program had to be fitted in these confined spaces as the structure builds up. This building is inspired by the art film Metropolis. The movie inspired a system through specific shots captured in the scene Moloch. This scene inspired a wall system of perforated steel panels which controls the lighting that enters each room and hall. The lighting that enters is specific for that space based on the intent of intensity and privacy. The building itself is one continuos spiraled path that travels all the way to the top and then continues back down through a second ramping system. These slender pathways force the visitor to experience both the entire building and the city around them.

  • Location: 213 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA. 90012
  • Designer: Yessenia Rivera

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